The Transformative Parenting Process

Like most parents, you want to have great relationships with your children. You want a calm and cooperative home life where you can spend your days having quality time together learning and growing and laughing.

And you want the confidence of knowing that you are helping your children grow up to be happy, confident adults who are able to have loving, secure relationships and grow into their greatest potential.

The problem is that sometimes your children don’t listen to you or cooperate. Especially, it seems, at times you really need them to. This can be really frustrating and you can get to the point where you get angry and even yell at your kids.

The Transformative Parenting Process can be taken as a 10 to 12 session personal coaching process (live or on Skype) or as an 6-month Online Group Intensive.

The original process was developed from Todd Sarner's extensive training in developmental psychology and years of work experience with children and teens. But since 2003, the process has been constantly refined and improved through over 15,000 hours of coaching parents from around the world and several thousands hours more of teaching workshops, courses and professional training. 

The philosophy of the course is that parenting is the process of becoming the parent your child needs you to be and that most of parenting is what you do proactively to create the quality of connection and environment that leads to better behavior and children that grow up happy and healthy and secure. We believe that this process isn't really taught or supported for the most part in today's world and we've designed our Transformative Parenting Process to help you learn everything you need to know in a format that has been proven to work. Here is an outline of the three phases:

In the Attachment & Connection Phase, Todd will help you learn the "foundational" principles of our process. These are the everyday practices and understanding that help your children feel connected and secure and help reduce separation anxiety.

In the Environment & Structure Phase, Todd will help you to realize the importance of a simplified home environment, help you create more structure and ritual to help you have more calm and less conflict and he will help you learn to to institute everyday "consequences" with your children that help them learn what's right and wrong. 

In the Behavior & Discipline Phase, Todd will help you put into place strategies to handle the most common behavioral issues that parents encounter- resistance and defiance, aggression, bossiness, sibling rivalry and more. Even though these behaviors are usually much more rare and manageable after the first two phases, they can still happen. The strategies you learn in Phase Three are not only VERY effective, but they are relationship-friendly.

10 to 12 Session Personal Coaching Process

Our Director, Todd Sarner, has done personal parent coaching with over 1,000 parents from around the world. The process involves 10-12 sessions, usually on Skype or Zoom, where Todd will walk you through all three phases of the Transformative Parenting Process, answer your specific questions and collaborate on personal strategies for your family..

Most of our clients choose to pre-pay for their Coaching Process and we offer a number of bonuses for clients who do so, including several popular webinars we've produced and limited access to the Transformative Parenting Online Course after our sessions so you can refer back to many of the topics we discussed one-on-one.

Individual pay-as-you-go sessions are also available depending on availability and and limited in-person sessions are available if you live near one of our offices in Marin or Sonoma Counties.

Please contact us today if you have any questions about what version of the Transformative Parenting Process is right for you. Email us at or call us at (707)267-7872. We are always happy to answer your questions!