Are you struggling with behavior problems with your child?

And are you feeling stressed out, frustrated, or that you’re a “bad” parent sometimes?

Is your child:

  • No longer responding to discipline methods that once worked?
  • Not listening to you or doing as you ask?
  • Having problems at school?
  • Being aggressive- biting, hitting, yelling, or throwing tantrums?
  • Having a hard time being away from you?
  • Speaking to you in a disrespectful manner?

As a parent are you:

  • Frustrated with your child’s behavior (or your reactions to the behavior)?
  • Feeling guilty or self-conscious about how you are parenting?
  • Looking for the answers in books and experts but not finding ones that work long-term?
  • Worried that you might lose (or have lost) your connection with your child?
  • Having a hard time setting limits with your child?
  • Struggling to balance your family’s needs with your own needs?

You are not alone.

Parents everywhere are struggling with the same issues and feeling the same way. Parenting is going to be challenging sometimes no matter what, but it’s not meant to be as difficult as it’s become. As a parent, you are suppose to be the most important person in your child’s life but you are also suppose to have a lot of support - from family, from friends and neighbors, from teachers, and from the culture at large. Unfortunately, these days you are less likely to have this “village” of support.

There is nothing more important than having a deep and loving connection to your child.

This is the “secret ingredient” needed to be a successful parent and to raise a child who is happy and healthy. Developmental psychology has proven the critical nature of this connection and they refer to it as “attachment”. The problem is that even if you love your child with all of your heart, it can be hard maintaining this bond at times when you don’t have the support you need.

Worst of all, many of the most popular parenting “experts” and books and techniques out there that you have heard about are just making things worse.

Because things are becoming harder for parents, moms and dads like you are looking for answers wherever they can find them. Most of these so-called solutions work in the short-term but stop working over time and can damage the relationship between you and your child. This is because most of these solutions concentrate on your child’s behavior and not on whether or not they are feeling safe and secure. What parents need is support and to understand the “big picture” of parenting and child development.